Friday, November 19, 2010

Cotton Boll on my Mind

I've got Cotton Bolls on my mind. When I was young I lived in Arizona where there are many cotton fields. Well, perhaps many is a bit of an exageration. My mother was a nurse/teacher at a school for "Drastically Disabled Children" I don't think that term would have been allowed today. Actually that was the term the staff used and it wasn't until I was older I learned the school was actually a boarding school run by the state for severly handicapped children.

In the summers I spent many days at this school, mostly because I had no childcare and the school was air conditioned. The children were usually dumped at the school by their parents and never went home again. It wasn't a cheerful place. But that's for a different blog, not mine.
Next to the school were cotton fields as far as you could see and I spent a lot of time gathering up the Cotton and bringing it into the children in the classrooms. They didn't get recess and I was always trying to figure out ways I could get a little playtime with them. Nurse Ratchet, the head nurse (not her real name), didn't like the distractions I brought to the school and I was often kicked out -- left alone to wander the cotton fields.

My children are so excited about my quilting. I mean really, just look at the excitement on my daughters face here:

Well, maybe excitement isn't quite the right word. My youngest is a little, but my older ones are more apt to say... "Please don't give me another quilt for Christmas." In my defense they aways get other gifts as well. REALLY.

My middle child the other day said she'd like a specific quilt. I was excited. When she showed me the quilt, it was an intricately appliqued pattern called Cotton Boll. It is a beautiful pattern and looks like a lot of work. I prepared myself mentally to take on the challenge.

Then, low and behold, there on Bonnie Hunter's Blog I read about her latest mystery quilt called Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. Oh, goodness, I could make that quilt for my daughter and it would be fun as well! I love a good Bonnie Mystery!

The last one I did is the Tobacco Road Mystery. Here's a picture of my version of it here:

For this mystery I need:

  • About 5 yards of neutral scraps (FQ and smaller, the more variety the better) I should be ok here, might need to visit the LQS, darn.

    Ok, that is a pitiful display of neutrals. Here I thought I had so many.

  • About 12 to 15 varieties of green. Bonnie used avacados and yellow greens. Sorry Bonnie, can't do those. As this is for my daughter, I'll use Kelly, Lime, Bright and Deep greens. I use green alot so I'll probably be low, better head to the LQS!

    Although, now that I look at what I do have, some of these are so pale they almost look like neutrals.

  • About 12 to 15 varieties of pink. Bonnie is using doubles, but I'll use mostly brights, raspberry shades and whatever else I can find.

    Lots of pinks here. I buy pinks and sherberts all the time, I just never seem to use them...

  • About 16 varieties of chocolate. Yummy!

    Actually, some of these look like neutrals in this photo. I think I'm beginning to see a running theme here. Maybe I'm neutral dislexic.

Also, we'll need some larger cuts. Two yards of red for the Anchor color (Bonnie is using less, but I'll add a second border and binding) I'm trying to decide between these two fabrics. Any thoughts?

And finally 1/2 yard of green for an inner border:

Mmmmm, lots of blue in that green border fabric. Do you think it will matter?

Mysteries are fun! Quilting is fun! Cricket wants a new quilt! Nice Huh! Won't my daughter be surprised. Do you think she'll notice the intricately appliqued, advanced Cotton Boll pattern she asked for is really a beautiful scrappy Cotton Boll Bonnie Hunter pattern?




Angie said...

I sat here giggling as I read this post. Absolutely adorable post! :) Can't wait to see the 'mystery cotton boll' quilt.

Finn said...

I'm wit Angie, giggling too much to make a sensible comment I'm sure. I love your fabric choices, but I'm so much "can't decide on borders until I see the quilt" person. I do like the red and white dots though!
Interesting how her request fell in the year that Bonnie is doing Cotton Bolls.
As for your other BH mystery? Mine is almost an exact duplicate! How DID we manage that???? Sending big fabric hunting hugs, Finn

Rhonda said...

Well written and fun post. BTW, I love all those yummy fabrics. Like Angie and Finn said, I can't wait to see the Cotton Boll quilt.

YankeeQuilter said...

My tobacco Road looks a lot like yours!

I love to drive down to the coast in the autumn and see the bits of cotton blowing along the side of the road like drifting snow...

so you see why I too man pulling fabrics for this mystery!

Elaine Adair said...

LOVE your daughter's enthusiasm - just wait until she's 50! LOL

No advice on colors, but I LOve the last 2 reds with each other. Not sure about the big print with the mystery. But ya know, it will be gorgeous! They all are.

I didn't join in but DID do the Double Delight and was very happy with the end result. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about that last green.