Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My New Project

I'll need 6,400 of these little babies for my finished project!

It's my current Sew-Between. I hate those dangling threads that come everytime you pull something out of your machine. So I keep a 'sew-between' project on hand. It needs to be a project that requires little or no planning. I just chain stitch a square, piece or thangle in after I'm done with my main project, and leave it in the machine until the next time I come to sew. This way I am always chain sewing and never have pesky dangling threads.

I learned about this from Bonnie Hunter, she calls it 'Leaders & Enders' but that is too much of a mouth full for me. I've always called the project that is continuously underfoot a 'sew-between' because it's the project that you are sewing between the times you are working on your 'REAL' projects!




Miri said...

I used to keep something in the machine to keep chain piecing-now I actually like pulling the long threads when I finish what I'm sewing-funny isn't it. I so always snip them right off though.

Dr. Quiltmom said...

Oh my gosh! you have got to be crazy. after you make all those one inch squares you have to sew them together. I have a buckeye beauty as my sew between project but....6400???