Friday, July 18, 2008

Teaching my daughter to quilt

So this spring I taught my oldest daughter how to quilt. She found out that her teacher's wife was having a baby and he mentioned how his wife was hoping to receive a handmade quilt for her little baby when she was born. Being extremely thoughtful, Kayleigh decided she wanted to learn how to quilt so she could make the baby something beautiful.

I had already shown Kayleigh how to do basic sewing a month or two earlier on an apron project she finished for herself.

In the end, Kayleigh actually decided to make two quilts. Her first quilt she pieced all by herself, making up the pattern completely. She arranged the 5" squares in a flower pattern.

The fabric on the back of the quilt is from some extras I found in my stash -- thus it has a bit of piecing done. I helped her with the binding and the actual quilting. This first quilt she gave to her new little cousin (Fraser) in Scotland.

Then she started on her second quilt, for her teacher's new baby girl. For this quilt she used a pattern and a fabric grouping. Here is a picture of her second quilt. I am so proud of her! She learned to sew, then finished an apron and two complete baby quilts in the span of two months.

Isn't she a beautiful baby girl!!


Anonymous said...

Clever girl... My daughter also likes to sew but she hasn't progressed toi quilts yet... Lx

Candace said...

Great job. I taught my daughter to sew, but she doesn't anymore, and my grandkids haven't shown much interest. I'm sure you are very proud of her.