Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sisters, OR 2008

My son and I went to the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters, OR last weekend. It was very warm and the quilts were beautiful!

Some of the beautiful quilts on display.

Above my son shows off his 'temporary tattoo'

Below is the square I made for the Stichin' Post's Monthly Challenge. The Stichin' Post is the quilt shop local to Sisters, and the host of this wonderful Quilt Show. Every month they supply you with a pattern and one fabric selection to make a square. You submit your square back to the shop when you are finished. If your name is drawn, you will receive enough blocks to make an entire quilt top. It's part quilt challenge and part sweepstakes. It costs you $18/year or $1.50/month and you could potentially go a whole year without ever winning. (here is the link to this "club" )

The above square is called 'A Tree Grows in Sisters'. They supplied the tree trunk, and I supplied the sky-blue background and the tree-green fabrics. I hope whoever wins it will like it!


Bea said...

Hi Dionne!
Thanks for your comment! You can write in English, but of course, I understand your German!
Perhaps you can explain the fact with the 215 yo but a bit older in peoples years ...??? I don´t understand. Love the tattoo from your son and the smile of your doughter! Lovely blog - see you!

Christina said...

This is my favorite quilt show to go to. I missed this summer though, thanks for posting pictures. I don't know if I've lest a comment on your before so here is my blog