Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Godmother's Love...

...this week I've been a bit blue. My girls are both gone and it just been the boys (my little guy and my HH - Handsome Hubby) and I. We had a really nice time. There was an art festival downtown. A really big deal, it takes up a very large portion of the town and we go every year.

But still, I've been missing my girls and I found that every spare moment I could squeeze away from the boys, I've been up in my sewing room addressing the trickiest of problems. Those challenging quilting skills that I've wanted to tackle but have put off for so long.

Throwing myself into a huge difficult project seems to help. Still I get to thinking about family and friends and how much all of the effort and love we put into these relationships really matter in the end. (I suppose it might be that my girls haven't phoned... but they are young and busy and having fun.)

When I put my son to bed last night, I covered him, as I always do, with his two favorite blankets. The bottom is the fuzzy dinosaur blanket that I made him Years ago, and the top is always the schoolhouse quilt his godmother made him when he was baptized. We have long since moved away, and don't see our old friends as often as we'd like. But Cameron talks about his godmother - whom he doesn't remember, with such love and kindness because of this quilt.

And I realize, perhaps things don't turn out the way we want, and maybe friends, family (and daughters) don't show their love and appreciation the way we would like. (as in phone calls to their mom who misses them dearly!) But our love is still there, keeping them warm, whether they know it or not.

By the way, Cynthia (my very close friend and godmother to my son) is a very accomplished hand quilter. Her stiches are beautiful and her works are such masterpieces. A skill I always love to appreciate. One of these days I'll post some pics of her brilliant work.

I wish these pictures of Cameron's quilt came out better, they don't do it justice!

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