Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January was Quite Contrary!

January is over and I've made progress on my #6 - Flannel Crazy Quilt

When I started it looked like this:

I had many other commitments this month, so my flannel crazy quilt was still just a sew-between, but still after sitting in a box for 13 years, even a sew-between is progress!

I also hit a speedbump when I sewed all the wrong pieces together because I thought I would just get a little bit done at midnight, when my eyes were already bleary.

It's not quilted and bound, but I'm further along than I was! And that's my overall goal. To get further along in my projects and not to add to my UFO list.

Here is what it looks like now:

My daughter and her friend are holding up my flimsy. Should I put a border on it? Right now it's a small, but cozy throw.

But of course my son had to get in on the action!

Also, I've decided to update my UFO Challenge list slightly.

1. Road to California

2. Christmas Bauble Runner

3. Around the World Cottage Quilt

4. Old Tobacco Road

5. Kaleidescope Quilt

6. Flannel Crazy Quilt My January Project!

7. Cameron's Calender Quilt

8. Greenpiece **CHANGE**

This needs to be finished, quilted and bound.

9. Robot Quilt

10. Rhapsody in Bloom **CHANGE**

This needs to be quilted and bound.

11. Cinder's Best Day

12. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll




wonderwoman said...

wow your quilt looks amazing - it looks lovely as it is! Depends how big you want it to be!!


YankeeQuilter said...

I like it as is but it is your quilt! (We have two quilts in common on our UFO list...I wonder if we could use Bonnie Hunter patterns to link quilters UFO lists like they use Kevin Bacon to link movies....

SewLindaAnn said...

I like borders because I think they give your eyes somewhere to rest. Quilt looks really great!

ANudge said...

I like it without borders. And lap quilts are important to have around for family to cuddle with. As to borders, when I look at quilts from long ago, a lot of them didn't have borders. I think we've gotten stuck in make our quilts look like paintings with frames. Imo
Congrats on your progress!

Judy D said...

I love this quilt! You will be so happy when it's finished.

I made a crazy patch like this out of flannel shirt scraps I had saved for years. It's fun to see the kids look at the quilt and see their shirts and grampa's shirts.

Donna~~ said...

Your top is lovely, and great progress from your starting poing. I am not sure about the borders--the size you want would determine it for me, but if I didn't do a border, I would do a darker binding to finish it off. I totally understand about sewing at the midnight hour. Last night I made great progress stitching away. Today I am undoing all that progress--my seam allowance was set wrong!

Heather said...

You really accomplished a lot! Your quilt is lovely, and I love seeing the kids getting in on the act. lol Too cute! Congrats on making such great progress! :o)