Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Local Quilt Shop is Closing!

I heard the sad news that another quilt shop is closing its doors. Pieces Quilt Shop is located in Renton, Washington. When I had a regular contract in Renton, I went into this shop quite regularly. But that was a couple years ago.

Since then, I've only made the drive down there once every couple of months. I made the drive because I believe that we should support locally owned businesses. I really do. It makes me sad that big corporations are taking over.

Now don't get me wrong, I do still shop at Joann's. It's really the only other place I shop at besides my local quilt shops because we don't have any of the other chains near us. The only Wal Mart is also in Renton, I don't even know of a Ben Franklin near me. Although I did hear about a Hancocks Fabric somewhere in Kirkland, only about a ten minute drive.

But I make it a point to support local businesses. Family owned restaurants, dry cleaners ~ ok, well it's not very often I visit a dry cleaner, but you get the idea. I drove down to Renton, at least a 45 min drive, every couple of months with the idea that I would buy something. Not because I needed something, but because even a couple of small sales help small businesses.

I heard a statistic that said that small businesses only need 5% of the sales large corporations get to stay in business. It's not that much is it? To give 5% of our sales to local businesses?

And where do I shop? Well, I certainly didn't give Pieces 5% of my business. I shop primarily at the quilt shop in Bellevue, Quiltworks Northwest, also at a local chain called Pacific Fabrics, and at the ubiquitous Joann's. But I do a lot of online shopping, and those are often small businesses.

What does all this add up to? Well, not much really. I don't have any great lesson to share, or any wise pithy remarks. Pieces quilt shop is closing, and I'm sad about that. That's all I'm saying.




YankeeQuilter said...

We lost a LQS this past fall here in Augusta...I'm trying harder to spend at the other two shops. I think about half of my rather considerable quilting purchases are done at shows or while traveling. Easier to "spoil" yourself while on vacation!

Jane Moxey said...

Oh that's too bad about Pieces. First In the Beginning, now Pieces! Ouch. I think equilter and other online resources are just too easy for many quilters!! Including me. Although we have a nice quilt shop in Gig Harbor, Harbor Quilt, if ever you come this far south!

Kim said...

I always think of the hard work that goes into trying to run a shop...the blood, sweat,and tears of it all....then to have it fail. so sad for the owners......

Our area is losing all kins of shops and businesses.....scary stuff.

I just keep my head down and quilting while praying for the best.

Happy Sewing

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I hate to see any mom and pop store close. Really hate that.

JCnNC said...

It is very disturbing to hear of your quilt store closing. We have lost two stores in Raleigh, NC in the past five months and just this weekend The Great American Quilt Factory in Denver, CO sent out a notice they are shutting down. I can't support them all by myself - but I certainly do my part. How sad as I never shop for fabric at JoAnn, Hancocks or WalMart. Judy C in NC

Mego said...

Just came across this and was so sad! I hardly ever got down to Renton but I always went to Pieces when I was. I live a few blocks from where In The Beginning WAS...although we do have a couple of LQSs sort of close, it is mostly the bigger chains...Pacific and Joanns. However, The Quilt Loft in Ballard and Keepsake in Bothell are both locally owned and really great shops. I'm going to try your 5% rule and support these shops...I REALLY did my share last weekend at the Quilter's Anonymous show in Monroe...LOL!