Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Guilds, Scrap Books and a Giveaway!

Diane Harris of Quiltmaker magazine recently posted on Quilty Pleasures about finding a new quilt guild. It's a fun post. Check it out!

She is also hosting a giveaway for a bundle of new quilting books. But hurry, this giveaway is over on Midnight, Monday, Feb 21st!

Also, do you have a favorite book about scrap quilting?

There are so many GREAT books.  I have all three of Bonnie Hunter's books.  I have found that although my color choices are often radically different from Bonnie's, her patterns are perfect (of course) for scrap quilts.  Her books also contain great common sense advice that are helpful to those of us that have been making and loving scrappy quilts for years as well as those new to scrap quilts.  My only warning about Bonnie's books are they use a variety of sizes so if don't have a lot of scraps already cut up, be prepared to do some cutting! But then, we do that for non-scrappy quilts all the time don't we.  Bonnie's books are:

The book Diane recommended is by Kim Brackett.  I don't yet have her latest book, but Kim also has a previous book called Scrap Basket Surprises  Unlike Bonnie's book, Kim heavily favors  2 1/2" strips and simple sewing instructions.  That makes her book excellent for new quilters, those who haven't yet built up an inventory of scraps, and anyone looking for a super quick pattern.  Scrap Basket Surprises is one of my 'Go-To' books for quick gift projects.  I can't wait to check out Scrap Basket Sensations!  Thanks for the recommendation Diane.

For using pre-cuts, there is also the book by Carrie Nelson called Schnibbles Times Two  This book, like Kim's book is great for those who love scrappy quilts and those who are new to scrap quilts.  Unlike Kim's books, this book has patterns for 5" and 10" squares. 

Two final books I recommend are Stash Buster Quilts by Lynne Edwards.  In this book Lynne presents her patterns in clear, easy to read directions and usually in more than one colorway.  Her book, like Bonnie's books, don't focus on any one size cut but offer a nice variety.

Also, Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer.  This isn't a scrap quilt book per say, but the patterns in this book lend themselves brilliantly to using scraps.  The other thing I've found that makes this an ideal book is that the simple modern designs are very attractive to the young people in my life.  Those that don't have the same appreciation I have for more traditional quilting styles.  I can always find a quilt in here for my young college-age cousins.

Okay, that's my list.  Check out more of the discussion at Quilters Club of America: Scrappy Book Discussions

Have you been to the Quilters Club of America website yet? It's a great discussion board and gallery that I recommend. You will have the option to upgrade to a paid membership, but the basic membership is FREE!

I have a free membership, and LOVE it!




I am Just One Mom said...

My eyes see every book with scrap-ability.

Carol Doak's paper piecing books first put me on the path to using scraps. All sizes & shapes come to life with her blocks and can be sized up or down to fit your needs. Love her software and books.

SubeeSews said...

I have all those books!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I have several books on scrap quilts but I'm not sure I have a favorite - maybe Nickel Quilts. I do think this new one looks pretty interesting. :) blessings, marlene

SubeeSews said...

Adventures with Leaders and Enders...her second book.
Yet the new one is great too. Oh them all

Kim said...

Subee and I have the same quilting books... all the scrappy ones reviewed above...but I bet she knows where all hers are! I could find them if you gave me some notice :0)..oh yes I could!

Happy Sewing