Monday, September 20, 2010

WOW! I got the deal of the Century

It was a rainy afternoon on Friday. I had groceries in the back of my car and a glance at the clock told me the kids would be getting off school in little more than an hour. Still, the sign for a garage sale in my neighborhood caught my eye and I stopped.

Good thing I did. There on a table was a large box marked "Fabric" -- Cool, I thought, just what I need. Well, probably not really. My stash seems to be pro-creating on it's own right now, but a deal is a deal so I dove right in. Beside, maybe I would find something vintage in there.

Well, nothing vintage to be found. In fact, it was actually a box of mostly acetate and polyester curtains. Go figure! But there in the bottom of the box all crunched up in a ball was a crazy quilt in pinks and greens.

Now, I don't really go for those colors myself, but I couldn't let this little gem go sitting in the bottom of that dark, dank box, could I? No, I knew you would agree. That little thing needed liberating. It hasn't been quilted and there is no batting so I believe it's meant to be a nice little table topper for a breakfast table, perhaps.

I asked the hostess how much she wanted for it and she seemed surprised to even see it. "That thing, not even sure what it's for, you can have it for free." she said.

Free? Did I hear that right? Yes, indeedy do. I pushed her for more information, but she had no idea about where it came from or who made it. Sadly there was no label.

Who do you think made it? Perhaps it was a gift that didn't receive a proper reception. I hope not.




Miri said...

I can't give you any idea who made it but I think I can help with when! That pink fabric with the little white design is from 1989...I used it in my second quilt! (I used its blue on white cousin in my first quilt-guess I liked it.) Put with the other fabrics-probably early 90s.

Great find...isn't quilt detecting fun!

wonderwoman said...

it definitely deserves to be loved!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

Wow! That is amazing! That's the kind of deal I love. Luckily you came along to rescue it from possible destruction.

crazypatch dreamer said...

I agree...the fabrics look like 1980's. It's charming and someone put a lot of time into it. I'm glad it found a good home!