Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Bridle Trails Quilters and the Accuquilt Cutting System

Did you know I have a quilt club? It's not the guild with a lot of women (all very lovely) and a lot of politics (not so lovely). And it's not the monthly Block of the Month club at my LQS (Local Quilt Store), which I also enjoy.

We're a small group of friends that meet monthly. We host private swaps that include many regular "Guests" every month - more or less. We drink tea (or wine, or margaritas when appropriate -- and sometimes when not appropriate).

We quilt and we laugh and we've been known to cry. Each of us brings our ideas to the group, we mull them over and choose projects.

We're all quilters, but we each have our lives, families, careers (or lack thereof)... in short, we all have our stories.

I'm going to share with you my project. Maybe I'll introduce you to each and every one of the girls as we go.

It's a good club. We call ourselves the Bridle Trails Quilters.

Sewing is a passion I've had all my life. It isn't my career but it's something I do, always. I teach sewing to kids. I teach quilting. And more often than not, I host the quilt club.

I also have an Accuquilt Studio cutting system. I love my cutting system. We use it a lot. I'm talking A LOT... at the classes we teach (those of us that teach), in our swaps, in our projects.

Because of poor customer service, I will never do business with Fons & Porter again. Granted, I expect excellent customer from a company that is willing to take my money. But that's a different story, all I want you to know is that Accuquilt surpassed my expectations! They have brilliant customer service.

However, I find their patterns lacking. If you are looking for a regular old pattern, you might find them adequate. What I'm looking for from Accuquilt is a pattern that's going to address the actual tool, the cutting system.

Accuquilt has a sampler BOM they started about 4 months ago. I haven't done it yet because I don't like their directions.

My quilt club and I decided we're going to do their Block of the Month but we're going to re-write the directions to address how to use the cutting system.

I'll rewrite the directions here for anyone who has a GO! or an Accuquilt Studio cutting system. Feel free to follow along if you have one of their systems as well.

We (almost) unanimously voted to make our quilt scrappy. Fellow quilt club member
Mai requested we do controlled scrappy so we're going to use the same colorway in the pattern, only scrappy!

Our colors are: white/cream, Blues, Greens, oranges, reds

Month one is called 'Double Cross Block'


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