Friday, July 2, 2010

Teaching Little Ones to Sew...

Yes, once again I'm teaching some little ones to sew. Today it was three youngsters with a simple little bag project.

Each child chose a fat quarter of their choice and we used that and a silk cord (or yarn, whichever the child chose) as the drawstring.

The youngest child was/is six years old. He chose a vibrant print of dragons. He had a little trouble with the button hole stitch. But he did a great job.

They all did everything themselves with the exception of using the rotary cutter. Sorry, some things just should not be in the hands of a six year old, no matter how enthusiastic they are. In fact, the more enthusiastic, the more adamant I am about not letting them use the rotary cutter.

I think they did a fabulous job, don't you?



Miri said...

Terrific bags! I love seeing kids :)

Laural said...

The kiddos did a great job!! Congratulations!