Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Design Wall

I'm happily in Scotland now. It's a little family time. My husband is from Scotland, moved here when he was thirty. He visits home frequently, but this is the first time we've all been back together as a family.

Just about a week before we left, here was a picture of my design wall. The block on the right is an orphan left over from a finished quilt called "Blue Onion" I just finished it in the last month.

The trees are the beginning of a bottom border on my Around The World Quilting Bee quilt. My quilt is a village of cottage blocks. It's a lovely quilt, but I wanted to add a row of trees along the bottom border. I'm not very far am I.

The last item is now a completed project for a magazine article. Can't show you any more than that just yet. I was on such a deadline during the last few days before I left. Getting us packed and ready to go. I had a work deadline. . . .




wonderwoman said...

how are you enjoying Scotland? Hope its going well.


Miri said...

Have a great time!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oh scotland!!! Wow. Jealous. Have fun.