Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Postage Stamp Quilt Results!

Well, I've tallied my poll results and it was a close preference but clearly more people like the idea of ditching a plan and going all scrappy for my postage stamp quilt.

This is a scary prospect for me because I tend to be a 'fabric control freak'. But I always feel that when we strongly resist something, often we should most do it. Now don't go getting crazy and try to apply that to all areas of life... it just won't work.

But I really do need to exercise more, aerobically. But I hate running and I've resisted it for years, trying to substitute other forms of exercise. (I'd much rather play at lifting a few weights than huff and puff my way through a run). But clearly I need to bite the bullet and go for a run! Who knows, I might even like it... also, pigs could fly. But I digress.

A scrappy postage stamp it is! Now.... for a pattern! That's not controlling, is it? ;-)


trashalou said...

No pattern, just wing it ;-)

Sandi said...

Definitely - no pattern, just wing it :-)
Thanks for posting on my blog for my Fall into Fall Giveaway. I love what you wrote in your "About me" section. " I am "at peace" whenever I stitch!!

Pattie said...

Hi Dionne -

Thanks for visiting my blog - it's nice to meet you! Just wanted you to know that I've put your name into the "hat" for the Thimbleberries book giveaway. Good luck!

PS - I just discovered that Disappearing Nine-Patch idea and have fallen in love with it! I can’t wait to give it a try.

wonderwoman said...

am going with the others - no pattern - just inspirational stitching!


Jeanne said...

I need an email addy in order to enter you in my drawing. You can email it to me if you'd like.

katie z said...

I also need an email to enter you in my drawing. Feel free to email me back!

audreypawdrey said...

Congratulations on going scrappy! I think you will be happy with the way it comes out.