Friday, October 10, 2008

Friendship Star Quilt Block Swap

Ok ladies, this swap is for a finished 12-inch block. The friendship star is a super-easy variation of the 9-patch.

There are some lovely variations of this pattern, but this time we're keeping it easy!

The only requirements are that the star is a light fabric and the background is a dark fabric.

I've included directions for the easiest method: (this method has more scraps leftover, but only a little)

Square directions below:

Background Fabric - Cut 8 squares 4.5 inches (you will need 4 for the Half-Square Triangles - HST)

Star Fabric - Cut 5 squares 4.5 inches (you will need 4 for the HST)

To make the Half-Square Triangles (easiest method) place right sides together, make a LIGHT pencil mark from one corner to the other and stich along the line, then trim 1/4 inch from the stiched line and press open. Voila!

NOTE: Please pay attention to "which way" your star is turning. This is only important if we do another swap with multiple squares. (I.e. if next time we make several of the same block and swap tehm with many other partners) then we will want our stars all turning in the same direction!

Deadline to sign up is: Oct 20th
Deadline to post is: Nov 20th

NOTE: We have enough swappers participating that you can send up to 12 identical blocks if you wish.

For example: If you make 12 identical blocks, send all 12 blocks and a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) big enough to fit 12 blocks in. You will receive back 11 unique blocks (made by other swappers) and 1 of your own blocks back.

If you send 6 blocks, you will receive 5 new blocks and 1 of your originals.

If you send 1 block, you will receive 1 new block!


Anonymous said...

I'm in, Do we just make one or what? I've never been in a block swap on line so feel free to talk down to me. Thank you. Christina

belinda said...

yes....this is one of my favorite shapes

audreypawdrey said...

I would love to play! How many do we need to make? When you say light fabric, do you mean any color as long as it is light-light blue, pale yellow, white, tan, etc? Sorry for all the questions!

wonderwoman said...

would love to do it! count me in- do we do the one block?

never done a block swap before!!


Christina said...

So I made some blocks, what do I do now? I made 6, how many do I need?

uncabob13 said...

This sounds like fun, count me in!Where do I sign up for the block swap? Judy,