Friday, July 15, 2011

Linda's Lovely Spinout!

Linda's quilt really looks great.  I absolutely love it.  Not only that, she had a great method of making her quilt.  Here is a picture and an excerpt from the blog post:

Linda made me laugh when she sent me an email:

I debated if I should admit this new method I have tried. Seems to be working just fine! Should I just keep quiet about my method and pretend I am using the method in the magazine? Is it okay to admit to you I am not using the method you have sent me?
I told Linda it was absolutely fine to use a different method, and that in fact we’d share it with readers who might also find it useful.

I have to admit, I used Linda's method as well.  I CAN do paper piecing, but I don't actively CHOOSE to do it if I can help it.  I was SO happy when Linda came up with an alternative!

Read more about Linda's alternative method at Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog.



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