Monday, January 3, 2011

#6 has a ways to go!

The first number of the 2011 UFO Challenge has been issued. The first project we will attempt is #6. In my list, #6 is a Crazy Flannel Quilt. I pulled out my project box to take a look at what state this project is in.

I started this project before I had children. My oldest is now thirteen. It's old. I took a look at the directions to figure out my next move.

These directions are quite funny. It was a class I had taken at a quilt shop called Country Sewing Center in Elk Grove, California. I live several states away now, and I don't know if that shop is still open. But if it is, and you live around there, check it out. It was a nice little shop. Just in case you didn't get a good look at the directions, take another quick look.

Do you see what is missing? No where in any of those sheets does it tell me what size the finished quilt is meant to be. It doesn't say what size the block should finish to, nor how many blocks are required. I figure since it's a crazy quilt, and there is only one block to make it all depends on what I decide. But still the directions are very vague, with statements like - "...and will be demonstrated if you don't understand."

I also found, and this is so amusing to me, I found mylar templates! I haven't used mylar templates in... well, I guess in about thirteen years! Thank goodness I have finished up all the cutting because I don't think I would want to deal with cutting from a template!

There were also twelve finished blocks that measure approximately 10 inches and haven't yet been squared up. My son asked me to include his robot dog in my picture of the blocks.

There are also enough pieces cut to make an additional 28 blocks. So I think I thats where I'll start, piecing 28 more blocks.




Ellen said...

Good looks like a lot of fun. Keep us posted!

Are you also doing the Monochromatic Challenge?

Heather said...

Love, love, love flannel quilts and your colors are beautiful! That is going to be such a warm and cozy quilt when you're finished. Don't you just love trying to figure out where you left off on a project like this? lol

Hoping you're well on your way to finishing those blocks. Good luck!

Miri said...

Those directions reminded me of the directions you get with flat packed furniture...a crystal ball would help a lot.

Looks like it will be a great quilt soon-a flannel crazy quilt sounds cozy too!