Monday, October 25, 2010

Double Cross Block, Accuquilt Month #1

Double Cross Block

Cutting Directions:

3" finished half square triangles

  • White fabric - cut 14

  • Green fabric - cut 4

  • Blue fabric - cut 6

6 1/2" triangles

  • Orange fabric - cut 2

  • Cutting System Directions:
    GO! dies used: 55009 (cuts 4 - 3" finished triangles), 55001 (cuts 2 - 6 1/2" triangles)

    Studio dies used: 50163 (cuts 6 - 3" finished triangles), 50033 (cuts 4 - 6 1/2" triangles)

    When using the Studio cutting system:

      Orange - layout one layer of orange on the 6 1/2" triangle die, this will result in two extra triangles, you will have the opportunity to use these in later months. Or you can cover half the die and only cut two triangles.

      3" Finished triangles - layer the fabrics on the die in this order:

      • blue, right side up

      • white, right side down

      • green, right side up

      • white, right side down

      • white, either side up

      Now you will need to pay attention to how you remove cut shapes from the die. Gently pull off the top layer of white triangles and set those aside.

      Next, gently lift the next two layers together. You will have white/green right sides together ready to sew. You only need four white/green "couples" so set two white triangles aside and two green triangles aside. You will use them in future months.

      Finally, lift the blue/white "couples" You have six cu,t right sides together, ready to sew.

    Note: If anyone wants these cutting directions for the GO! system, just let me know. They are only slightly different.

Sewing Directions:

  1. Sew 6 white and blue half square triangles right sides together. Press towards the blue.

  2. Sew 4 white and green half square triangles, press towards the green.

  3. Layout 2 white/blue and 2 white/green half square triangles as shown.

  4. Sew together in a 4-patch. Press seams open. Make two.

  5. Sew 2 white half square triangles to sides of one white/blue half square triangle as shown. Press seams toward white added triangles. Make two.

  6. Sew 1 orange triangle to combined triangle unit from previous previous step.

  7. Sew 1 blue/green block to 1 orange/blue block as shown. Press towards the orange. make two.

  8. Sew rows together to complete block. Press seam open.




YankeeQuilter said...

Very nice...looks a bit like a large spool block!

Anonymous said...

I like this block, and the fabrics you chose.