Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quilter's Block ... of the month, that is.

The whole idea of Block of the Month is great in theory. One or two blocks a month, a finished quilt by the end of the year. Brilliant! The commitment is small and the year is just beginning and optimism runs high!

I consider BOMs often; really often if I'm honest. It's almost an obsessive how much I read, and re-read the catalogs that come in the mail; the web-pages I surf.

But I've never taken the plunge. I know myself too well. Quilting is the first thing that gets put aside when time gets short. When I'm working on a deadline and the project is running long. When the children all have tournaments on the same weekend. When my husband is out of town and my father's radiation treatment are all scheduled for the same timeframe. Those are the times my sewing machine gets neglected.

I know this about myself. I know that when the year is just beginning and my optimism is running high, I will tempt myself with beautiful designs and fabric to die for. But I will then close the catalog or the browser with a sigh; denying myself the pleasure of taking part in the BOM.

But you know what, this time I didn't! I didn't sigh and walk away. Perhaps because it was at my LQS, and the completed quilt was right there in front of me. Perhaps because I was having a melancholy day and it was either sign up for the BOM or get a quart of Ben and Jerrys!

At any rate, I've done it. I've signed on for my first (real) BOM!

And now you get to see my first two blocks for June. The pattern itself is called GreenPiece and it's from Moda.




wonderwoman said...

i know just what you mean - i'm always wanting to do more than i have time for!! that's why i have soo many ufos!!!! Your blocks look fantastic!


beth said...

you can do it! You can do it!!
This one will be lovely.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm a lot like you Dionne. I have a hard time going with the group mentality for quilting. I do really love your block here. Look how perfect it is. No cut off points will belong to this lovely block.

Within A Quarter Inch said...

You're right - the idea behind the BOM is brilliant - a little at a time and then, voila, Quilt!

My problem wasn't in walking away but in signing up for way too many of them!

Eventually I just took them all apart and took off the pressure of looking at the piles (neat piles, but piles) of baggies with instructions and fabric.

Fabric into the main stash.
Patterns into their stash.

I don't order BOM's anymore...

SubeeSews said...

Love, love, love that fabric.
What line is it??? And your writing is superb...what do they know.
I see postage stamps squares on each side of your blog!