Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maria's ATWQS Quilt Spoiler!

Well, here is the latest Around the World Quilt Block Swap quilt. This one is for Maria.
(Maria - if you don't want to see your quilt blocks until they come in the mail - DON'T READ ANY MORE!!)

In this quilt, blocks were made by women all over the world; from Florida, Brazil, California, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, etc.
Oh, yeah, and also one block from Washington State!




trasha said...

oh my stars! She is going to be so excited!!

Rhonda said...

Those are so beautiful them!!!

Laural said...

They are all beautiful!!!

Sharon said...

What fun! So, which block did you do? I like them all! Stars and log could you go wrong?

wonderwoman said...

oh wow, its just beautiful!! Thank you soo much Dionne for showing it, i was wondering where it was - i'm absolutely thrilled with it - thank you soo much all of you who have made blocks so far, they are all lovely!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This is going to be like a memory quilt so you will always remember the story of how the blocks came to you. Love that.