Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Donna's Quilt of Fall Colors

I love fall colors.  I love the rich tones, and fall quilts are my favorite.  Donna's Spinout uses all the rich fall colors and has a really cool twist on the back!

Here is a small excerpt from the Quilty Pleasures blog:
Did you notice how Donna arranged the background fabrics? This adds another spark to the quilt.

Not only is Donna’s quilt lovely from the front, it has a special surprise on the back! In Donna’s words, here’s what happened:

When I…was thinking about a backing, I really didn’t have a matching piece of fabric large enough. But I had so many leftover Spinout blocks, I thought there must be something I could do…for a pieced back. To tell the truth, I was driving down the road and the idea of a Spinout Tic-Tac-Toe game just popped into my head. So instead of a one-fabric backing, I decided to piece mine.

Check out the blog post to read more and see some really great pictures.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dutchman's Puzzle using my Accuquilt

Dutchman Block

1. Pin and sew one light blue 3" finished half square triangle to the side of one pink 47⁄8"
triangle. Press toward 47⁄8" triangle.
2. Pin and sew one light blue 3" finished half square triangle to remaining side of pink 47⁄8" triangle. Press seam toward 47⁄8" triangle to complete flying geese unit. Make four.

3. Pin and sew one light blue 3" finished half square triangle to the left side of one 47⁄8" triangle. Press toward 47⁄8" triangle.

4. Pin and sew one white 3" finished half square triangle to remaining side of 47⁄8" triangle. Press seam toward 47⁄8" triangle to complete flying geese unit. Make four.

5. Layout block units.

6. Pin and sew one of each colored flying geese unit together into quarter blocks as shown. Press seam open. Make four.

7. Pin and sew two quarter blocks into two half blocks. Press seam open. Make two.

8. Sew half blocks together to complete block. Press seam open.

Here is one way you can use several of these blocks in one quilt


Monday, July 18, 2011

Carol's Baby Spinout!

Carol went on a tear of baby quilts.  Her Spinout quilt was just one of the many baby quilts she made recently. 

To see all of Carol's baby quilts check out the Quilty Pleasure's blog.  She sure did make some cute baby quilts!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Linda's Lovely Spinout!

Linda's quilt really looks great.  I absolutely love it.  Not only that, she had a great method of making her quilt.  Here is a picture and an excerpt from the blog post:

Linda made me laugh when she sent me an email:

I debated if I should admit this new method I have tried. Seems to be working just fine! Should I just keep quiet about my method and pretend I am using the method in the magazine? Is it okay to admit to you I am not using the method you have sent me?
I told Linda it was absolutely fine to use a different method, and that in fact we’d share it with readers who might also find it useful.

I have to admit, I used Linda's method as well.  I CAN do paper piecing, but I don't actively CHOOSE to do it if I can help it.  I was SO happy when Linda came up with an alternative!

Read more about Linda's alternative method at Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog.



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organization is the key to Scrap Quilts

It's the key I seem to have lost somewhere along the way!  But Ruthie has it in spades.

Here is a beautiful picture of her Spinout quilt:

But check out the Quilty Pleasures Blog to see how she organized the making of this fabulous quilt!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pat's Christmas Spinout

My friend Pat made a christmas quilt.  First I wanted to share with you this beautiful picture of Pat.

Pat made a wonderful Christmas quilt. I love how the golds and greens and reds work so well in this scrappy quilt!

This is how the Quilty Pleasures blog begins:
I was so excited when I got the first glimpse of Pat’s Spinout because I knew you would love it. We all have Christmas fabrics and excess reds and greens we bought when the Spirit of the Season moved us. Pat has given us the perfect way to use them up, even the littlest bits. Pat shares her thoughts:

“I was really excited about this particular project, because I just love paper piecing! My only problem was deciding which scrappy theme I would choose. I decided I needed to use scraps that stood out as a definite color such as ‘’predominantly red’’ or ‘’predominantly blue,’’ as I knew there had to be contrast between each pinwheel. I almost went with black/white/red/yellow.
To read more go to Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog, and check out Pat's Blog as well.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jane's Batik Spinout Quilt

My fellow Scrap Squad-er -- does that sound right?  Maybe it should be Squad-ist?  Nope that doesn't sound good either.

Okay, so the very talented Jane made her Spinout quilt using all Batiks.  Take a look:

Here is a bit about her quilt:
Jane chose to use batiks in a variety of colors and values for her Spinout. She started sending progress pics right away and had these thoughts to share:

“It really helped me when I was cutting out the spinners that I was using batik because there was no right or wrong side of the fabric. I could cut a stack of six paper piecing hunks by folding the fabric, without worrying that the middle layer was wrong side up.

“If I do a pattern like this again, with batiks, I’ll be more careful watching what color the fabric edges near the seam are. If you look at the spinners made with the outer border fabric, that tie-dye blotchy stuff, you can see that sometimes a yellow blotch piece was sewn to a fuchsia blotch piece, so the spinner doesn’t blend at the seam.

To read more check out Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Kim Brandt's Beautiful Spinout!

Kim Brandt is on the Scrap Squad with me and she does some really beautiful work.  I wanted to show you all the work she did on the Spinout pattern.

Kim got right down to brass tacks when she shared her thoughts about Spinout. I loved what she had to say and maybe you will, too:

“While making Barbara Cline’s Spinout I got to thinking about how my quiltmaking has changed over the years. In the old days, if everything was not perfect I would redo it, or unsew it and start again.

“Then I got to thinking about being a perfectionist. Was it helping me enjoy my favorite pastime? No, it was robbing me of the joy I had while creating at my sewing machine. So now I enjoy the process a lot more by letting my errors be a part of my creation.

To read more about Kim's work on this quilt read Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog.
Also, check out Kim's Blog.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Latest Reveal...

Goodness me, could it really be TWO MONTHS! Well, all I can say is that I've been busy....

Honest I have, but then you knew that didn't you, because you've been busy too.  But that's not really why you're here is it, to listen to me drone on about all the mundane stuff I've been doing.  Well, lets get on with it, the Quiltmaker Reveal!

Here is a bit about the quilt:
The project for July/August was Spinout, designed by Barbara Cline. This is the original version featured in Quiltmaker. It was made in Art Gallery Fabrics.

Dionne may have been the most inventive of all! This girl knows how to cope! Here’s what she shared:

When I originally made the top I didn’t put as much thought into selecting the flower fabrics for the pinwheels, which I was thinking would look like flowers against a grassy green background.

But when I was completely finished I realized that some fabrics didn’t stand out well enough against the others.

To read more about this project, and see more pictures head over to Quiltmakers's Quilty Pleasures Blog



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Giveaway Time!!

And the winner is...

Yankee Quilter who said:

"I like Plaid parade...

Your Raspberry quilt came out great! I'll be looking for the next issue of Quiltmaker... "



Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Stash Report and From my Quilty Past

Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!

This month I only got one quilt done, but I used quite a bit more this month than I purchased.  Thankfully that put me back in the red.  The only time I'm happy to be in the red.

Used this Month: 14.5 yards

  Nuts and Robolts Quilt (generous twin quilt)

Used year to Date: 38.5 yards

Added this Month: 3 yards

Added Year to Date: 30.25 yards

Net Used for 2011:   - 8 1/2 yards ~ I am in the red!

This was the first table runner I ever made. Clear back in 2008. I had every intention of making a runner for every season. It doesn't look nearly as pristine as it did in this picture. Mostly because I never got around to making another one until last month! Poor thing has been used and abused on my table every day for the last three years.



Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiltmaker Reveal and a GIVEAWAY!

This month I had the great honor of working on a Jaybird Quilts pattern for Quiltmaker Magazine. 

The pattern, Raspberry Dessert, designed of course by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, can be found in the latest Quiltmaker Magazine which will be on stands in about two weeks.  I didn't alter the pattern at all, and the size shown here is a LARGE throw that measures 76.5" x 76.5"

I used all my primary bright fabrics against a black background to make this striking quilt. 

My neighbor saw me photographing the quilt top and asked me if I would make a twin size quilt for her daughter.  So I am currently making another Rainbow version of this quilt in a twin size.  I only needed to alter the pattern slightly for that version.

To make this pattern in the rainbow pattern I pieced it in sections by color.

Then I trimmed each section. 

Then I set my machine on it’s longest stitch length and did a stay-stitch a scant 1/4” from the edge of each section, to reduce stretch and keep any seams from popping open until I could get the sections sewn together and the whole thing quilted and bound!

I also made a large runner in spring colors using Julie's same pattern. 

Doesn't it look nice on my mantel top?  I think I like it better there than on the table, as I had it in the picture above.

But on to more exciting news!  Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts, has generously donated one of her patterns to offer as a giveaway!  I'm so excited, because not only will you get her Raspberry Dessert pattern in the latest Quiltmaker magazine, you also have the opportunity to win another pattern here.

But wait, that's not all!  Check out all my fellow Scrap Squad members' blogs to see their versions of Julie's pattern.  Each of them will also be hosting a giveaway as well.  And the final giveaway will be on Quiltmaker's Quilty Pleasures Blog.

For my giveaway, you have several chances to enter:
  1. Leave a comment telling me which Jaybird Quilt pattern you like the best.
  2. Become a follower and leave a comment letting me know (or just let me know you already follow).
  3. Tweet about the giveaway (@iQuilty) and leave the tweet link in a comment
  4. Blog about the giveaway and leave a link in a comment
Enter this contest up to four times before midnight (PDT, because that's where I am) on April 4th and I will be posting a winner on April 5th!

Also don't forget to check out the other giveaways and quilts:



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuts and Robolts Quilt

So I finally finished my son's robot quilt.  I got the pattern from a Fon's and Porter magazine from about two years ago.  The fabrics are from P&B Textiles.  I also made two matching pillowcases.  I actually have a few more scraps so I'm toying with making a throw pillow for him as well.

Here is the front of the quilt.

And another picture.  This one is meant to give a little life to the picture.
And the back:

Here is a close up of the label:

Oh, and here are the scraptacular quilt blocks I made today.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Piece Tree Medallion

It seems this quilt has been so long in the making. 

The center medallion is an applique tree in rich autumn colors, with two thin borders.

Now the quilt only needs two outside borders; one thin and one thick.  But I think the applique blocks might make the quilt a little too busy.  What do you think?

The center medallion is needle-turned applique, and measures 20" square.

Oh, and here are the scraptacular quilt blocks I made today.  Here is a link to the Quilt-Along.



Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Do You Organize Your Scraps?

There are so very many ways in which to organize, or not organize your scraps of fabric. There are many methods, containers, and philosophies. I’m curious, what method do you use?

  • Do you keep your scraps in a grocery bag or a plastic tub?
  • Do you consider only sizes smaller than fat quarter a scrap?
  • Do you only keep scraps larger than a certain size?
  • Do you keep the selvedges? (or do you prefer the alternate spelling: selvage?)
  • Do you sort your scraps by size or by color or both?
  • Do you cut them up as soon as you’re done with a project into desirable sizes?
  • Did your method evolve according to your needs, or were you influenced by someone in the quilting industry?

When at the end of a project, I will keep anything larger than a fat quarter complete. But if my scraps are smaller than a fat quarter, I’ll cut it up into useful sizes. I know there are many ideas about what sizes should be kept. But over the years I figured that only squares and strips are useful to me. I never cut my scraps into bricks (2 x 4, etc.) Bricks aren’t flexible enough for me. Strips are easily cut down into the size brick I might need.

I cut strips as large as 4 ½” and as small as 1”. I’ve found 4 ½” and 3 ½” strips are particularly useful when I use my Accuquilt cutting system. Those sizes fit perfectly across some of my longer dies. I have the Studio cutter, so my dies are a bit larger and I can cut numerous layers at once.

I was keep my scraps sorted by size in plastic tubs, then by color in zip-lock baggies. But that is more time consuming than I have time for. So for now I just have everything sorted by size alone. Mostly I use plastic shoe boxes for storage, one for each size more or less. But I keep my wee little crumbs and my strings in two clear canisters.

I try very hard to stay on top of my scraps and cut them up as I go, or at the very least as each project is finished. But because I always have overlapping projects and multiple commitments to my family, work and elsewhere - as we all do, I get behind sometimes. When that happens I leave my scraps in a pile on my cutting table. I work on that pile as often as I can, but when it gets overwhelming, I sweep it off my cutting table into a plastic bin under my cutting table. That bin is getting rather full, I haven’t looked at it for quite some time, but I know that eventually I will have to pull it out and tackle that bad boy!

So, what about you? How do you organize your scraps? What sizes do you find most useful?

Oh, and here are the scraptacular quilt blocks I made today.



Thursday, March 3, 2011

#1 is Next.

Has it been cold where you are? It's been cold here.  Last week we had a snowy front pass through.

At my house we have a duel heating system, with a furnace upstairs for those rooms and a funace downstairs for the rest of the house. The only problem is, the funace upstairs is about a million years old, give or take a year of two. Because it's usually very mild here in Washington, and because the furnace isn't ideal to run, we opted to just turn it off. That has worked for the last year.

It was so cold, my son asked for an extra blanket on his bed. Since everyone else felt the same way, we were short on blankets. It was so cold my boy didn't even mind sleeping under a pink and green blanket.

I think it's time to finish up my UFO #1. It's a Robot quilt for my son's bed. And with a bit of re-shuffling, it's also the next quilt in Patchwork Times' UFO Challenge.

Here is how the quilt started:

It's a bit futher than the above (poorly photographed) slabs of fabric. But my goal for this quilt is not to end in a flimsy, as before projects. This quilt must be done in time for the Spring Thaw!

But that's not my only project this month! I'm also hosting a Scraptacular Quilt-A-Long HERE. Just three blocks a day, as my Sew-Between project, and at the end of the month results in a nice sized throw with border or baby quilt without border!

Here are the scraptacular quilt blocks I made today.

Come quilt-a-long with us!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pull out Your Scraps for a Quilt-a-Long!

Have you seen Nann's Scraptacular tutorial she did on her blog Freda's Hive?

I really enjoy this blog! And I love the quilt Nann did in her tutorial.  It's a fabulous way to use up all those extra 2 1/2" and 4 1/2" squares and extra scraps.

Nann's Scraptacular Quilt:

Isn't it beautiful!  I love that border fabric as well.  So, lets have a Quilt-a-Long!  Five minutes is all it takes to make three blocks!

First, head over to Freda's Hive for Nann's Scraptacular Tutorial!

Second, pull out all those extra 4 1/2" and 2 1/2" scrap squares.  If you don't have a nice amount already cut, just pop a good movie on the telly and have a nice cutting session with your scraps.

Third, sign your blog up on the Linky doo-hicky thing-a-ma-jig below so everyone can find you.  If enough people sign up, I'll put everyone's links up on my sidebar.

For a twin-size quilt (68" x 88") you need 156 squares, and two simple borders, just like Nann's.  That's just 3 blocks a day for two months.

Too big a commitment?  3 blocks a day for one month will be a nice throw or baby blanket!

3 Blocks a day, that's all I ask.  So COME ON, let's use up that stash!  Stop buying, start using!

I will post my progress regularly!



Monday, February 28, 2011

Another UFO NOT Finished in Febuary

Ok so my Febuary UFO didn't get finished.  This month my brain was not in the game! I had one project I was working on that gave me so much grief!  And the funny thing is that my project ( a little old runner no less) was actually a beginner, easy-peasy project!

Oh well, maybe March will be a little better for me.  I did have two finishes in Febuary.  One was the runner mentioned above (I wrestled it into submission, but there is no denying the distortion that resulted in all my stitching and un-stitching!)

I also finished another quilt for Quiltmaker Magazine.  I can't show you that one yet, but here is the sneak peek!

Oh, right, I almost forgot. This post was supposed to be about UFOs. Now my UFO List looks like this:
1. Road to California

2. Christmas Bauble Runner

3. Around the World Cottage Quilt

4. Old Tobacco Road

5. Kaleidescope Quilt

6. Flannel Crazy Quilt DONE! My January Project! This crazy quilt started as a few finished blocks and several bits and pieces. It ended as a flimsy. You can see a picture of it HERE. If you go look at it, let me know if you think I should put a border on it!

7. Cameron's Calender Quilt

8. Greenpiece - This needs to be finished, quilted and bound.

9. Robot Quilt

10. Rhapsody in Bloom NOT DONE! This was supposed to be my Febuary project!

11. Cinder's Best Day

12. Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll



Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb. Stash Report and a Blast from the Past

Used this Month: 11.25 yards

Raspberry Dessert Large throw - Look for this pattern in your next Quiltmaker magazine
Raspberry Dessert Runner - variation of the above pattern
Used year to Date: 24 yards

Added this Month: 20.5 yards

Added Year to Date: 27.25 yards

Net Used for 2011: 3 1/4 yards ~ I am in the red!

Picture from the Vault:

Here is a picture I found from 2008. This is my oldest daughter when she was 9. She is showing off the first quilt she had ever made. I had already taught her the basics of sewing on an apron project before she tackled this.



Friday, February 25, 2011

New Jaybird Quilts Pattern coming in Quiltmaker!

I'm so excited about the new Jaybird Quilts pattern coming out in the next Quiltmaker magazine.

This pattern is fabulous.  It's everything you expect from a Jaybird Quilts pattern.  It's clean, simple and modern.  And even more, it's super easy!

Who could ask for more!

I can't show you too much yet, but here is a sneak peek of my quilt:

For another sneak peek by my fellow Scrap Squad member Kim check out her blog Pokeytown Kim .



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just a little clutch

My daughter asked me to make her a little clutch she could put into her backpack.

She picked out the fabrics and I had a fabulous pattern to work from!

I was able to whip this up while I was cooking dinner. Easy Peasy!



Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Guilds, Scrap Books and a Giveaway!

Diane Harris of Quiltmaker magazine recently posted on Quilty Pleasures about finding a new quilt guild. It's a fun post. Check it out!

She is also hosting a giveaway for a bundle of new quilting books. But hurry, this giveaway is over on Midnight, Monday, Feb 21st!

Also, do you have a favorite book about scrap quilting?

There are so many GREAT books.  I have all three of Bonnie Hunter's books.  I have found that although my color choices are often radically different from Bonnie's, her patterns are perfect (of course) for scrap quilts.  Her books also contain great common sense advice that are helpful to those of us that have been making and loving scrappy quilts for years as well as those new to scrap quilts.  My only warning about Bonnie's books are they use a variety of sizes so if don't have a lot of scraps already cut up, be prepared to do some cutting! But then, we do that for non-scrappy quilts all the time don't we.  Bonnie's books are:

The book Diane recommended is by Kim Brackett.  I don't yet have her latest book, but Kim also has a previous book called Scrap Basket Surprises  Unlike Bonnie's book, Kim heavily favors  2 1/2" strips and simple sewing instructions.  That makes her book excellent for new quilters, those who haven't yet built up an inventory of scraps, and anyone looking for a super quick pattern.  Scrap Basket Surprises is one of my 'Go-To' books for quick gift projects.  I can't wait to check out Scrap Basket Sensations!  Thanks for the recommendation Diane.

For using pre-cuts, there is also the book by Carrie Nelson called Schnibbles Times Two  This book, like Kim's book is great for those who love scrappy quilts and those who are new to scrap quilts.  Unlike Kim's books, this book has patterns for 5" and 10" squares. 

Two final books I recommend are Stash Buster Quilts by Lynne Edwards.  In this book Lynne presents her patterns in clear, easy to read directions and usually in more than one colorway.  Her book, like Bonnie's books, don't focus on any one size cut but offer a nice variety.

Also, Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer.  This isn't a scrap quilt book per say, but the patterns in this book lend themselves brilliantly to using scraps.  The other thing I've found that makes this an ideal book is that the simple modern designs are very attractive to the young people in my life.  Those that don't have the same appreciation I have for more traditional quilting styles.  I can always find a quilt in here for my young college-age cousins.

Okay, that's my list.  Check out more of the discussion at Quilters Club of America: Scrappy Book Discussions

Have you been to the Quilters Club of America website yet? It's a great discussion board and gallery that I recommend. You will have the option to upgrade to a paid membership, but the basic membership is FREE!

I have a free membership, and LOVE it!



Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Placemats

Happy Valentines Day!

I made these stylized heart placemats to practice my freehand quilting. You can see, if you look closely, that I could use some more practice.

I used a JB Shiff pattern for the placemats!



Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb Greenpiece

This month looks a lot like the previous months. These flying geese leave no left-overs, so nothing to add to my scrap basket~!

But the star blocks are quite nice!

Here are the applique blocks and the alternate colors.



Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Local Quilt Shop is Closing!

I heard the sad news that another quilt shop is closing its doors. Pieces Quilt Shop is located in Renton, Washington. When I had a regular contract in Renton, I went into this shop quite regularly. But that was a couple years ago.

Since then, I've only made the drive down there once every couple of months. I made the drive because I believe that we should support locally owned businesses. I really do. It makes me sad that big corporations are taking over.

Now don't get me wrong, I do still shop at Joann's. It's really the only other place I shop at besides my local quilt shops because we don't have any of the other chains near us. The only Wal Mart is also in Renton, I don't even know of a Ben Franklin near me. Although I did hear about a Hancocks Fabric somewhere in Kirkland, only about a ten minute drive.

But I make it a point to support local businesses. Family owned restaurants, dry cleaners ~ ok, well it's not very often I visit a dry cleaner, but you get the idea. I drove down to Renton, at least a 45 min drive, every couple of months with the idea that I would buy something. Not because I needed something, but because even a couple of small sales help small businesses.

I heard a statistic that said that small businesses only need 5% of the sales large corporations get to stay in business. It's not that much is it? To give 5% of our sales to local businesses?

And where do I shop? Well, I certainly didn't give Pieces 5% of my business. I shop primarily at the quilt shop in Bellevue, Quiltworks Northwest, also at a local chain called Pacific Fabrics, and at the ubiquitous Joann's. But I do a lot of online shopping, and those are often small businesses.

What does all this add up to? Well, not much really. I don't have any great lesson to share, or any wise pithy remarks. Pieces quilt shop is closing, and I'm sad about that. That's all I'm saying.